Norton Review

This note shows how a promising a third party firm can be that offers consumers online support for Norton, McAfee installation and similar antivirus support for consumers using major PC security software. Similar antivirus support companies may exist, but this one covers all aspects of assisting consumers seeking to activate AV programs, install Norton softwaredownload McAfee antivirus apps, renew Norton, or receive other online PC help:

By Roji Thomas Jacob 

The best and the most powerful antivirus software available till date - Norton can be summarized in this way. It provides an overall protection for the computer from various threats like malwares, spywares, viruses and online threats. It keeps you protected against all possible viruses with the real-time protection feature.

Starting from the interface, Norton exhibits a simple and user-friendly interface with only three buttons - Scan Now, Live Update and Advanced. All the options and features are integrated into these buttons. The 2012 version also provides a Facebook Wall scan to remove any malware links. You can view the results of the scan carried out with all its details. The advanced option leads to a full-fledged interface where more options are given regarding computer and network security and can enable or disable the features such as Insight Protection, SONAR, Intrusion Prevention, Email and Browser Protection and so on.

Norton Insight is a powerful tool that prevents new online threats from affecting your computer. It also warns you about dangerous applications that may harm your computer even before you download the file ensuring your computer's safety from online threats. The 'safe web lite' feature enables you to type a URL and check whether it is safe or not. The 'SONAR' is another feature of Norton that will prevent new threats and viruses from infecting your computer. If the antivirus senses any suspicious behavior on your computer due to any new virus, it will detect such threat and automatically adds it to the current virus database so that its attack is immobilized.

Another feature of Norton that needs a mention is the 'System Insight' that monitors your system activities round the clock and shows the summary of the installations made, threat detections, performance alerts and number of scans made during each month. It alerts you whenever a process consumes a major portion of your CPU and displays a graph of the CPU and memory load in a simple manner. The 'Autofix' feature of the antivirus tries to fix any problems on its own and if it fails, you can go to the support website for further assistance. You are never away from any sort of help in Norton. Clicking the 'Help' button provides access to FAQ's, tutorials and other resources. If you are not satisfied with that, you can obtain live support in the form of 24-hour live chat, e-mail and phone support.

Access information regarding every program installed in your computer through the 'File Insight' which will show whether a program is reliable or not, its usage frequency, etc. 'Reputation Scan' searches online for a particular program and check whether it is safe or not and its global popularity. Android users can download the software to their phone to keep it safe.

The only downside of Norton may be its high price but is surely worth its value. Try Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 that are loaded with more features suited for professionals.

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Libertarian Views on Tolerating Muslims

From a press release presenting Libertarian Party beliefs, explaining libertarian views on the subject. The application of the philosophy as expressed by the Libertarian Party or others may or may not universally represent what is a libertarian view on the topic for all adherents.

In the early morning hours of January 28th, a fire broke out in the Victoria Islamic Center in Victoria, TX. It quickly destroyed the whole building. The cause has not officially been determined.

Two weeks ago, another mosque, the Islamic Center of Lake Travis, in Austin, TX, burned. Again, the cause of the fire has not been officially determined.

Both mosques have previously been vandalized. And the mosque in Victoria was burglarized last week.

Regardless of the causes of these fires, the Libertarian Party extends sympathy to the Muslim communities in these towns and across America.

As one member of the mosque in Austin, TX, said, “We are all just praying it wasn’t a hate crime.”

Indeed. The Libertarian Party hopes that these fires were caused by some innocent accident. But the fact that our Muslim brothers and sisters even have to worry about hate crimes perpetrated against them or their buildings of worship is a sad statement on current affairs in America.

New executive orders have barred entry of people from 7 countries that are mostly Muslim. We’ve heard talk of registries for Muslim Americans. And we’ve heard a lot of nasty rhetoric from the President and others. Muslim Americans have every reason to feel uncomfortable. And their concern should be the concern of every American.

Libertarian Party Chair, Nicholas Sarwark, says, “America was founded on freedom, including and perhaps especially freedom of religion. It is central to who we are as Americans and it is values such as this that make our country great. When we lose sight of these values, our country ceases to be great.”

He continues, “There are two real threats here: One is the infringement on people’s rights to live and worship as they see fit. The other is the complacency that some Americans have about it.”

The Libertarian Party calls on all Americans not to be complacent when the rights of one group, any group, are infringed. Sarwark says, “When we allow one group’s rights to be degraded, we are degrading the human rights of all of us, and degrading our country.”

Today and everyday, the Libertarian Party stands for the rights of all people, all the time.

Today and everyday, the Libertarian Party says to our Muslim brothers and sisters, we are with you. We have your back. We’ll do our best to speak out and amplify your voice. We hope and pray that a registry is never created. But if one is, we will oppose it vigorously and you can rest assured that many of our members will register themselves in protest. We will speak out against travel and immigration bans. We will speak out loudly against any and all acts of violence or destruction that may be committed against you. When your rights and humanity are infringed upon, we stand with you.


Stylish Laptop Backpack

Column on stylish backpacks for college, or computer use, and opting for rolling school backpacks:

By Nicole Roberts

A stylish laptop backpack is becoming popular as the main method for carrying your computer when out and about. They are no longer just for students, as their versatility makes them a good case for anyone transporting their laptop. Even with a light laptop, having a single shoulder bag can start to wear on the side of the body that you carry it on most. Therefore, it's a good idea to get a backpack that will evenly distribute the weight.

One reason that laptop backpacks are a preferred choice is that they can carry a number of other things along with the computer. College students like these types of bags because they can also lug around their textbooks, folders, and other necessary school supplies. However, business professionals tend to have extra items that they need to carry along, such as important files and documents. These will fit nicely inside a backpack, making it a good choice for business people as well.

For those that travel a great deal, a stylish laptop backpack is a good choice because it is so easy to carry. Rolling briefcases are an option if you want to keep the weight off of one shoulder. However, they can be difficult to drag through an airport, especially when they are very crowded. Most people rush through the terminals in order to get to their flights. Would you really want to be pulling a bag with wheels while weaving in and out of crowds? The solution to this is carrying everything you need, including your laptop, on your back. Many laptop backpacks are TSA friendly, meaning they will not be a hassle when trying to get on an airplane while carrying one of them.

A beneficial aspect of laptop backpacks is that they look like normal bags that kids carry to school. They do not give off the "I am carrying very important items, including electronics" the same way a briefcase would. This keeps them from being stolen as much as a more sophisticated case one. This is not to say that a backpack cannot be sophisticated, but most people wouldn't look at a backpack and immediately think there is a laptop inside. This can help you protect your investment, especially when in a crowded, unfamiliar location.

As you can see, having a stylish laptop backpack as your method for transporting your computer is a good choice. Not only will it work for college students, but business professionals and everyone else are making the switch to backpacks for a number of reasons. They tend to allow you to carry more belongings that other laptop cases. Since you can carry the bag on your back, the weight from the computer will be evenly distributed on your body instead of bearing down on one shoulder.

Nicole Roberts

Welcome to Laptop Backpacks and Bags, inside you will discover an amazing selection of low priced and excellent quality stylish laptop backpack [].

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Social Work CEU Credits - Getting the Continuing Education Courses to Maintain the License

CEU credits are a crucial part of maintaining the social worker requirements of the social work profession.  The education process shows that the true answer to how to be a social worker, or how long does it take to become a social worker, etc.:


By Dee Cohen

Social workers have to renew their licenses and work hard to achieve the highest level of professionalism. It is a tough job and the continuing education courses also help people to connect to other colleagues and learn skills for dealing with burnout.. Social workers can work in many different areas such as case management, medical intervention, psychotherapy, welfare and community organizing. This requires the social work CEUs. CEUs is an abbreviation for continuing education.

Updating one's education is an important part of this field and new trends can be emphasized in social work theory as well as current issues for client treatment. This helps clinicians to stay abreast of developments in the field so they can treat areas such as drug and alcohol addiction with the latest tools and methods. Social workers are often unappreciated but our society relies heavily on them. Removal of children from abusive situations and counseling juvenile delinquents is one of their key roles in our society. We often times forget about their jobs we see a case on television where orphaned children abused or neglected.

Imagine how our society would be if no one was giving counseling to these young people and working to change negative situations to positive ones. One recent statistic is that over forty million people are currently in jail in the United States. Imagine how many more people would be in jail if it wasn't for people getting counseling and perspective that provides alternatives to violence and drug abuse behaviors.

Professional credit hours are a key to developing new ways to handle difficult situations with clients. Course credit hours include case management, community development, relationship education, professional practice modeling and other courses. These are all tools for dealing with those with mental illnesses, difficult childhood backgrounds and challenging situations. Classes are given on weekends and evenings in many towns as well as online towards meeting the CEU requirements. All states have different requirements for maintaining the msw license. In Florida, every two years thirty credits are required. There are usually five specific credits listed and the rest are elective credits. Certain states in the US do not require courses to maintain their license but many are implementing this requirement.

Recently I taught a class on the how to use meditation and yoga for depression and there was a strong interest in this area. You can find a number of interesting courses that will both fulfill the requirements for license renewal as well as help you gain new tools for working with clients.

Do You Want to Expand Your Knowledge and Get New Tools for Client Work

Stop by Stress Reduction Tips and read about Social Work Financial Aid as well as articles on burnout and other issues social workers face.

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Casino Promotions - Best Value For Money Promotions

Overview of deals like Planet 7 Casino bonus codes and similar online discounts available from competitors like the Las Vegas USA Casino:



By Gil Gamon

In this article, we'll discuss two casino promotions that offer you free cash prizes and a chance to win big on the cheap, without the use of a promotional code. Have a read...

Birthdays, Anniversaries and Holiday Seasons

It is no secret that behind many promotions there's an intention to encourage customers to buy more. Luckily not every online casino thinks like this so there are some promotions that truly give away free prizes.

Some of these promotions take place on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries or during seasonal holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. These promotions represent a good opportunity for both new and current casino players to get extra free cash or win a free prize on the cheap.

If you're already signed up to an online casino or you are thinking of joining one, it's worth noting that these special occasions will eventually come and you don't want to miss out on these promotions.

Online casinos send out a monthly or weekly newsletter to their players to keep them informed about the latest promotions. Make sure you are subscribed to the casino's newsletter and keep an eye on your incoming emails when your birthday is coming up or during holiday season. Most likely the casino will contact you to let you know that you are eligible for these promotions and will give you full information on how to take advantage of these.

Big Prizes on the Cheap

The last type of casino promotion we're going to cover in this article has many names but the concept behind it is simple, bet small win big!

There are three good reasons I can think of why you should consider these type of promotions:


  • they are available across different casino games;
  • they offer good value for money and;
  • they offer hours of entertainment on the cheap.


First of all, these type of promotions can be found across many different casino games. So it doesn't matter which casino game you prefer playing, chance are there will be a chance for you to take part in one of these promotions.

Secondly, these type of promotions offer players a chance to risk a small amount of money but still be able to win a large prize, often in the thousands. These type of "bet small, win big" promotions usually feature a Jackpot prize and in some cases, the total cash prize will increase with every player that joins the promotion.

Lastly, these promotions offer players a chance to play their favourite games for longer periods of time without spending a lot of money. What's even better is that because these promotions often come in the shape of tournaments, they give players a sense of community. Players are no longer playing by themselves but instead, they are all taking part in a tournament with other players that share their same interests, thus making the game a lot more fun to play.

As we've seen in this article, there are many casino promotions that offer you free cash prizes and good value for money without having to use a promotional code. For more information on these casino promotions and where you can enjoy them, please visit this Jackpotjoy Promotional Code [] page.

Online casinos offer on-going promotions that not always require a promotional code. In fact, you will be surprised to find out how many monthly promotions you can enjoy by simply playing on the site. To find out more about these type of promotions and the casinos that offer them, please visit this Monthly Bonus [] page.

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